Final Reflection

  Before taking environmental education class, I thought I knew what nature was until later in class. My thoughts started to change until we actually went outside and practiced stillness.  I never knew what stillness was.  I did go outside in parks, and other places but never took the time to spend 2 to 5 […]


  As we all grew up learning our cultures and values from our family, schools, and others, we learned things in structured ways.  We believed to be learning everything the correct way until now where we are stretching the critical issues of pedagogy.  We always have restrictions to to open up to open up to […]

Creative Journal 4: Our stories

After moving to Regina, I miss seeing some of my favorite places from Montreal.  One of the most beautiful attractive place : Saint Joseph’s Oratory of Mount Royal, National Historic Site of Canada.  This church is situation where I used to live, not too far from m parents home.  It is situated on the mountain […]

My Meta-Reflection

While growing up, I was taught in certain ways and believed that these are the right ways, rather than looking at other options for me to learn.  Because we are systematically taught in a structured way, we have less chances to think outside of the box.  All through my schooling, I have been taught that students […]

Creative Journal 2: More than one way of learning

Through my university studies, I have learned that there are many ways of learning.  The more we are open to other ways of knowing, the easier it is to understand.  European knowledge is the dominant culture, and society has placed value on Eurocentric ways of knowing.  However, there are other ways of knowing, such as […]